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Formed in 2019, the London based band quickly garnered attention across the shoegaze, psych and post-punk scenes, including bagging support slots with Desert Mountain Tribe, Helicon, Cult Of Dom Keller, Mayflower Madame, The Third Sound, Dead Rabbits, You Said Strange, Firefriend, and most recently The Kundalini Genie. Elements of their influences can be traced back to late 60's psychedelia, the independent post-punk scene, through to the shoegazing era of the early 90's. Expect swathes of layered guitars icy synth textures washed in reverb, juxtaposed with pounding bass lines and abrasive drums to round off the sonic palette.

Single, Prize - released August 11, 2023

Singles, Howl/DroneJam- released March 4, 2022.

Debut album, 'Infinite'- released September 3, 2021.

EP 'Oracle' - released June 2020.

Debut single 'Disappears' - released November 2019.

Debut single 'Disappears', 'Oracle' E.P. and album ‘Infinite’ have collectively been featured on L.A.'s KXLU Part-Time Punks radio show (US), DKFM’s Shoegaze Radio New Music Weekend, Drowned In A Sea Of Sound 2021 Spotify playlist and This Radiant Hour radio show (US), Amazing Radio (UK), Ear Drum Buzz Radio (US), When The Sun Hits (US), The Reverb, Artrocker Radio, Radio Wigwam (UK).

They have also been covered by U.S. Second Scene print magazine (issues 6, 10, and 16), Backseat Mafia, White Light/Heat Heat, Songs From Under the Floorboard, Isolation Records, Static Sounds Club, and Tilley’s Music Guidance blog as ones to watch in 2022 (UK).

‘Infinite’ album reviews

Turn Up The Volume (BE) - Album Of The Month/ Best Albums Of 2021

‘..the amplified haziness of Slowdive, the mystifying nightmares of Spacemen 3, the multi-layer-constructing skills of My Bloody Valentine.’

‘Ghost Patterns design hallucinating soundscapes, sonic shadowplays where synths and guitars duel with each other while tireless drums dauntlessly beat, and wailing voices wander in an enigmatic fog of reverberation.’

Isolation Records (UK)

‘Though influenced by shoegaze and post-punk, it is psychedelia that dominates this melting pot of sound. There are heavy drones, fuzz and distortion as synths play against

guitars and any melodies have to battle simply to survive.’

Onyx Music Reviews (AUS)

‘The noise-scape quality is akin to the early years of Ride or The Jesus And Mary Chain, of whom both have used wonderful melodies wrapped in sonic walls of noise.’

'Disappears' Single reviews

White Light/ White Heat (IT)

'...A heady dark and immersive blend of shoegaze atmospheric introspection, post-punk moodiness and subtle lysergic nuances.’

Turn Up The Volume (BE)

'Haunting guitars a la Interpol...translated into a mind blowing psychedelic escapade.’

Track Of The Day 'Disappears' - Little Indie Blogs (UK), Noise Artists (FR/ Worldwide) December 2019 Playlist, Shoegazer Sanctuary Radio playlists.

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